Our Services

Custom Framing

Style, quality craftsmanship, and a lifetime guarantee ensure that you will be happy with your custom framing from Mainstreet Galleries for years to come.  Our design skills are bar none and we aren't afraid to push you in the right direction!  We will also work within your budget and make sure you understand the steps we will be taking to protect what it is you value enough to custom frame.



Art Selection - Residential

Looking for the first piece of art to start your collection or need to find the perfect artwork to finish a room?  We can help!

We are happy to visit your space or work with sample materials to find the artwork that complements your home perfectly.


Art Selection - Corporate

Your office or workspace should reflect your values and present an image of professionalism.  Artwork and custom framing can provide a backdrop for your clients and customers that enhances their experience working with you and encourages them to come back again.


Gifts and Homegoods

Our gallery is home to many unique gifts and objects for display in your home.   Many are handmade in the USA!