We carry original artwork by artists both local and international as well as fine art reproductions on canvas and paper.  Whether in a professional office setting or your own home, artwork can help in setting the right mood and giving you, your guests, or your clients a positive sense of space.  Contact us today to find the perfect artwork for your space or to start your own personal collection!

We are proud to display a variety of work by American and international craftspeople.  On a visit to the gallery you might discover a classic blown glass vase, a funky tabletop sculpture, or chic handmade platter created by artists from around the country or close to home.  Fall in love with something made by hand and use it to fill your space with beauty and joy.  

We are passionate about custom framing.  It starts at our design table, where we work with you to select the perfect materials for your style and budget, with a commitment to preservation and quality materials.  In our frameshop, we are committed to quality work and take pride in every frame we make.  Stop by our gallery to learn more, our reputation is hanging on the wall!